B.S. Article about Simon Supporting Louis, Comparison of Biggest Load of B.S. Tweets, & Babygate Updates

Closer Magazine, which is a tabloid, has an article with "insiders" saying Simon Cowell is supporting Louis Tomlinson in any way possible after Louis' arrest. The article is flat out wrong (claiming Simon's best PR people were working on it when the media basically trashed Louis for 2 weeks), but it also reeks of "Simon saves the day". Closer is one of the Bauer Media Group publications and a bunch of Bauer pubs have weighed in on babygate...most distressingly J-14 and M Magazine, which are both geared toward teens/pre-teens. 

Here's a comparison of Louis' biggest load of b.s. tweet and Jesy's.

Here's a non-article about Cheryl not wanting a nanny...from the Girls Aloud autobiography in 2008.