Video: Royal Peach Palette Review, Fake Accounts, The Return of Eleanor

Whew! So much happened in the span of like 20 minutes. I got my Kylie Royal Peach Palette and the colors are gorgeous. It does smell! But I think it's the box not the eyeshadows. Anyways, the rumored smell wafting off of the Royal Peach Palette is true, but I didn't find it all that horrible. I didn't smell it until I sniffed it directly. 

I went on a twitter crusade against a fake Harry Styles account that has been posting videos with audio only and sounded vaguely like Harry but obviously wasn't. I found out minors had sent nudes to the account (thinking it was real Harry). I DM'd Harry and his mom, Anne, on twitter, just because I thought they should know. Whether that or some of the drama that came out of this account got their attention, IDK, but Gemma (Harry's sister) tweeted about the account being fake. Don't send your nudes, kids. Now some weirdo perv has them and that's awful. And don't send them to real celeb accounts either. You don't know them, they don't know you. How would you feel if a random stranger sent you a dick pic? Just don't do it. 

Eleanor Calder, Louis famous ex-fakelationship stunt girl is back. They seem to be following the usual "social media follows to establish a relationship" script like always. Louis has been wearing Vetements a lot and surprise! Eleanor has been promoing Vetements as well. Color me shocked. Not. It's a good thing I saved my El "WTF" gifs from the last go around.

Of course, right after I made this video, pap pics of Louis appeared. Expect the articles with headline "New dad Louis Tomlinson spotted getting coffee while reconnecting with Ex pretty brunette Eleanor Calder" in 3...2...1. If she plays some starring role in ending this mess, then so be it. Otherwise, move along. We have enough stunts in this fandom right now. We're all full.