Weekend Update: Harry's Concert, LA Louis Anon, and More!

It was a big weekend! If you want to watch some of the vids from Harry's concert, click here. Woman has been my jam this weekend.

Also check out this amazing cover of Kanye West's Ultralight Beam:

I got an anon talking about Louis' solo stuff and I was about to leave some sassy response but I checked statcounter and they were from LA, so I actually do hope they were legit! They had some good stuff to say! 

Mitch (and the rest of the band) have been officially adopted by the fandom (like Steve was LOL).

Source: bunboyfriend

Source: bunboyfriend

The rare Mitch smile.

Harry on The Today Show, More Tess Nonsense - Verified in a Day? Sure, Jan!

Harry Styles did an appearance on the Today show and performed in a bubblegum pink suit! I dig it! 

Now, this Tess business is a bunch of baloney but y'all knew that. Verified in a day? Bitch, please. Someone paid for that. Hopefully this is short lived. Full Ass Management does not approve of these methods. 

We've Time Traveled to 2013. Dan WootWoot Has an Article about Harry's "Secret GF"

Eyerolling all the way to 2012-2013. Here we go again. Subtle is not in their vocabulary. Now the reason for the cell phone Harry article becomes clear. It was to get an "intro" shot of Harry out with this chick Tess before Dan Wattpad dropped his exclusive "Harry secretly dating Tess" article. Except that the Sun posted a "Who is Tess Ward?" article 7 hours ago in preparation for all this, which is taking place during Harry's big album promo week. How natural. How fun.

Us old timers lived through Georgia, Nadine, Paige, etc. so we're all one big shrug with a side of "free them". This is a completely different era for fandom and I think anyone looking for some promo from being Harry's "GF" for a few articles is going to find it doesn't work out as well as they think it will.