Harry Styles Tour Dates Released, More #28, More Bees - I'm Buzzin!

Harry Styles released a bunch of tour dates and we collectively lost our shit. The venues are smaller so tix are going to be hard to get! AHHH! I'm hoping for the DC and NYC shows, but I'll be lucky to even get one of those! That bish continues to sneak the #28 in - he released his tour dates today - the 28th of April. The NYC show is on the 28th of September and the DC show is 10/1/17 (which 10+1+17 = 28). Fuck. 

Bees are everywhere. Ernest was using a bee pacifier on snapchat. Louis was spotted outside of Sony wearing the Gucci bee sneakers that everyone seems to have! I'm Buzzin! 

Slow Thursday...Gird Your Loins for Friday!

Knowing how this usually goes, we're all going to gird our loins for chaos on Friday and nothing is going to happen! There's speculation Harry Styles music video could come out tomorrow (and if does, I'm going to have to start working on the sequel to the movie The Number 23 and call it The Number 28 cause that bitch haunts Harry and Louis. 

Louis tweeted about a kid on a documentary he saw on the BBC.

We also got a look at the back of Harry's rainbow bee Gucci loafer boots and yup, there's definitely a bee on the back:

Harry Styles: Album Not About a Woman, He Hates Crush Questions, Equality Feels Fundamental

Harry Styles was interviewed by French show Quotidien and he had a lot of great answers to questions. He said: 

"The album is more about me than it is about anyone else. I put a lot of work in it, so I don’t feel like it revolves around a woman."

He also talked about how he disliked the crush questions and when asked to clarify that he doesn't answer politics questions but speaks out about equality, he said he felt like equality feels fundamental and not politics. 

He wore an amazing Gucci houndstooth suit and vest and let's just say the suit was rather flattering in the nether regions. Sales of this particular suit pant are gonna skyrocket, methinks. The dude below seems particularly affected LOL.

Fandom Discourse, Harry Styles Doing a Week on the Late Late Show, It's Still a Bee

A lot of discussion today about Harry Styles' promo and has all the fandom drama hurt things a bit. There's no easy answers, but I do think fans are tired. 

Harry will be doing a week on the Late Late Show with James Corden, starting May 15.

And it may not be a new sidle gif, but someone did send me this "bitch please Jeff" pic so day is made.

bitch please jef.png

It's a F-ing Bee (duh)! And WTF is up with Liam's Cover?

We got better pictures of Harry Styles' bee and STILL people are trying to say it's a fly. I even made an overlay of the inspiration we think Harry used and it fits almost perfectly over his tattoo. And that inspo pic was titled vintage Queen Bee. At this point, even a blind man could tell you it's a bee (what insect is fuzzy and striped?). I think people are so used to not getting nice things in this fandom that they legit can't let themselves think this is a bee, even though they KNOW it's a bee! 

When was the last time you saw a fly with a crown?

When was the last time you saw a fly with a crown?

Liam Payne's Rollacoaster Magazine cover has been delayed AGAIN! WTF is going on! It's the weirdest thing.

Louis Tomlinson is still MIA although he tweeted last night about hoping everyone was having a good day and the fandom collectively shit their pants thinking something bad was about to happen. But, nothing.

Weekend Recap: The Bee Army, Pressed Antis + Stuff I'm Not Keeping Up With

This was a quiet weekend so far. Not much happened. There was a shady (troll) anon going around to a few blogs but nothing has happened so far so we'll see if that pans out (methinks not since I got a troll vibe). In this vid, I talk about a lot of the stuff I really don't pay attention to - the Chiam baby, Sophia, what Andy has been doing, etc. Antis seem super pressed lately. I got 3 messages from the same anti telling me how NOT pressed they were. LOL.

Feel free to submit your bee tattoo pics to thebeearmy.tumblr.com

Harry Styles on Graham Norton Plus My Radio Debut LOL

Harry Styles appeared on Graham Norton. His answers were funny and it was his best performance of Sign of the Times yet! 

You might remember I was hinting at something. Well, you can hear me at this link. It gives the times it re-airs or you can download the show as an MP3. It's the one about fake celebrity accounts.

Doki doing her best compass impression:

Harry Styles on Graham Norton, I'm Obsessed with the Unicorn Filter & the Unicorn Drink Holders!

Harry Styles taped Graham Norton today. It will air tomorrow. One note: Since I taped this video, another person who was there had more explanation of the "he is gay" thing and they said that the comedian said, "well... if he is gay, he is going to do it like Manilow and come out at 75" or something." Graham then pointed at the "fans" saying "oh no, hear the sobbing". Still yikes.

Thank you to nothintoseahere for the unicorn cup holders! 6 of them! These will get plenty of use in the pool! 

I'm obsessed with the Unicorn filter on snapchat. I tried to do a double unicorn but opened the gate to Harry's alien homeland by mistake.

Doki was not amused.

Lastly, I'm trying out Hustle Butter for my tattoo. I have a few stubborn scabby spots and this got good reviews so we'll see how it does! 

Weird Ass Article about Simon's Kid Eric + Chiam, Harry, & Louis Chatter

The weirdest article in the Daily Mail about Simon's son being a chip off the old block "lothario" like his dad. Eric is 3 years old. WTF. Simon talks about how his son has 5 girlfriends and is such a ladies man, he has no male friends. Umm, who gonna tell him. 

Liam Payne's Rollacoaster cover got delayed again. Who knows what is going on there but now they say April 25. Still waiting on Liam's music as well! He was wearing Gucci bee shoes the other night though!