No Pics for Cheryl & Liam's Baby (We'll see!), Harry My Salty Son, & More Louis

The Sun and Daily Mail had articles today about how there will be NO pics of their baby. It's actually hilarious to see the comparison between how this is being handled and how Louis' babygate was handled. We'll see how long this no pics thing lasts. I just get a funny feeling that we should expect something on the horizon, but we'll see. 

People have noticed that Harry Styles choose to run his solo ad during The Voice, which is X Factor's big competitor. That seems like a big F*ck You to Simon Cowell and company, who is still reeling from their talent hunters leaving them to work for...The Voice.

Pics and stories of Louis at Ultra Music Fest are still rolling in. 

Video: Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson Performing at Ultra Music Fest - Good View!

Thank goodness someone took this video and posted! I know we all were like ahhh, we know Louis sings like an angel, but where is he? Up in the clouds? Big ups to Steve for drawing the camera down to where Louis was or we never would have seen him on the livestream! That's a pretty big stage for our smol son and we're all so proud! 

It feels so wrong using a gif of Taylor Swift's mom on a Louis post, but when it fits, it fits.

It feels so wrong using a gif of Taylor Swift's mom on a Louis post, but when it fits, it fits.

Liam & Cheryl Had Baby on 22nd, Announced it Today, Louis at Ultra Music Fest, & Harry's Song/Album Coming

So much happened today, this video is gonna be hella long! The main topics:

Cheryl and Liam Payne had the baby on the 22nd but announced it today (presumably so Cheryl could get Mother's Day (UK) headlines. She also didn't post a pic with the baby (just reposted Liam's) so I think she also is giving her exclusive first shot to most likely The Sun. Get paid, girl. Sheesh. I don't have the time or energy for another baby so you do you, chiam. 

April the Giraffe has still not had her baby.

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki performed at Ultra Music Fest. Louis' team was as useless as ever. Thank god the lad crew was on hand. Calvin seemed to be taking videos and Steve's team picked up the slack, posted video of Louis on Snapchat. Meanwhile, Crusty posted pics by the pool and a half-assed pic on his private instagram that no one can see. He also just posted an instagram video of Louis with no FUCKING sound. #existing. Steve is a godsend for supporting Louis, especially today on his mom's birthday (the day before UK mother's day, which has to have been tough for Louis) and also for looking super hot in his white overall shorts. 

Yes! @louist91 @steveaoki #miami

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Harry Styles blanked out all his social media with white and posted 3 white squares on instagram, sending everyone into a tizzy. Then, an ad appeared on ITV where Harry walks towards a door and opens it and there's nothing but light. #dramaqueen Can't wait for April 7.

Louis and Steve to Perform at Ultra Music Fest Today + New Just Hold On Remixes

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki will be performing Just Hold On at Ultra Music Fest today. They go on at 6:10 pm eastern. You can watch live on Ultra Music Festival’s YT Channel or Official Website

Steve’s set is from 6:10PM - 7:15PM ET / 10:10PM - 11:15PM GMT (or check your time-zone here)

Louis and Steve at the Dim Mak party last night

Louis and Steve at the Dim Mak party last night

There's several new remixes of Just Hold On out.

Elvis Duran Says Harry Styles' Single Coming Out April 7, Louis Tomlinson in Miami for Ultra Music Fest

Today's wild ride was a report that Elvis Duran said Harry Styles' single was coming out April 7 and that it was great (because he'd heard it). The online version of the radio show was posted and there was nothing about it. Then, an audio clip suddenly appeared out of nowhere that did have that part in it. This is a hilarious post that sums this whole thing up. Here's Elvis Duran talking about Harry Styles Single coming out on April 7.

Louis Tomlinson just arrived in Miami for Ultra Music Fest where he's performing Just Hold On with Steve Aoki. 

Jojo The Pap's Homophobic Comments, Pic and Caption Analysis, Goop Gives Backdoor Advice

Jojo the pap just dug herself into a giant homophobic hole with her comments on Instagram (she's since turned them off). Since when is being called gay "an accusation" (as if it's a crime!). And how dare she call closeted individuals "lying" or "weak willed"! WTF. And as "a straight", you really shouldn't be saying "a gay". It's 2017. There's no excuse for being so uninformed. Jojo has literally proven why people are in the closet with her attitude.

In this video, I talk about the pics and the hilarious caption that goes with them. You can read more here. And after all that, Jojo has the gall to say none of this is "fake". Gaslighting at its finest.

I can't believe this is the story we're supposed to believe with regards to Louis and his ladies.

If you need a laugh or to facepalm, check out Goop's Guide to Anal Sex. It sounds like it was written by someone who has actually never had anal sex, but there's a few good tips in there.

Big 3 UK Tabs Go for Fan Photos of Elounor at James Arthur's Concert, Harry Tweets, & Found the Metal Detector Photo

The 3 big UK tabloids - Sun, Daily Mail, and Mirror all had articles about Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor being at James Arthur's concert last night. They all used fan photos and videos, which people found odd since fans who were there said there was paparazzi. I don't know where these pap photos are (I checked 3 of the pap sites and they weren't there). 

Update: Dan Wattpad just used the pap pics in his article here.

During my search, I did find the pic of Eleanor in the metal detector at LAX, which someone had told me about, but I hadn't seen. Pretty hilarious stuff. Like who buys this shit? She ain't famous. I don't have a buy account with that agency and I don't think anyone used it (because why would you!) so you'll just have to imagine how hilariously stupid it was.

Harry tweeted about drop4drop for World Water Day. 

April the Giraffe got sponsored by Toys R Us. She's also a month past her due date. Sounds like someone else we know! Cheryl hasn't given birth yet either! 

How Organic - Sony Stalker Sees Louis & Eleanor at James Arthur Concert & Tells Tall Tale

At this point, you can almost write these "fan sightings" yourself. Stalker fan, who thanks Sony person in their twitter bio and has met a bunch of celebs (probably thanks to said Sony connection) tweets about seeing Louis and Eleanor at a James Arthur concert. Then, they tweet that they were "making out" - this fan also happened to see Danielle and Louis "making out" in convenient (and no picture proof ever exists, of course). Said Stalker then meets James Arthur and Louis after the show. They switched out the girlfriends, but not the stalker! 

Feel the passion....

When you're on a smoke break with your beard, your comfort goat, and Sony stalker and you just had to sit through a James Arthur set so all you can do is go =/

The Sun Missed the Memo on Eleanor, 1st Day of Spring, JGG/Deckstar Merge, Pics of Louis in Jamaica & Grocery Store

The Sun is being as stupid as always with their coverage. They have an article saying eagle-eyed fans think Eleanor is in the UK based on some instagram post. Bitch, we know she is because they did a massive pap shoot at LAX of her leaving the US and then another one in front of her house just last week!

They also keep beating the dead horse "Who is Eleanor Calder?". It's been published 4 times!

  • 31 December 2016
  • 30 January 2017
  • 4 March 2017
  • 20 March 2017

Guess what today is?

If only we could be so lucky. The quote above is in reference to the concept of "Winter Girlfriends" since Harry seemed to get a "winter girlfriend" every year.

Louis was spotted in a store with a "brunette" girl. We didn't get all these Eleanor articles for them NOT to be spotted, know what I mean? Oh, and the person who took the pic noticed Louis was walking with a limp and asked why and he said "no comment". You know why LOL.

(The comment has since been deleted apparently)

Pics of Louis in Jamaica (we all knew he was there, but here's yo proof. I wonder if we'll get surprise!elounor jamaica pics now.

James Grant Group raised $12m and acquired Deckstar Management. JGG is Louis' half-assed team that barely did any promo for Just Hold On. Steve Aoki (Louis' collab partner for JHO) is with Deckstar. JGG's half-assedness doesn't make any sense unless they know Louis isn't gonna stick with JGG/Deckstar long-term, but we'll see.

There's a Tomlinson's Ship Inn in the UK not far from Doncaster.